Reimagining the post pandemic offices

Happy workspace | 05 Nov 2021

3 ways you can enable a happy workspace and help your employees de-stress

When we say the pandemic has changed the world, what we are really saying, among countless other things, is the unprecedented change our workplaces have seen in recent times. After all, every office on the planet, from small setups to huge corporations, is a contributor to this global market as we know it. This greatest shift spanning nearly two years has also altered the possible future we were heading towards and paved the way for a new one. One in which the employer-employee dynamic has evolved – for the first time in a long time.

Whether or not the offices reopen in their entirety anytime soon, we know that they won’t be the same again. Home as office spaces has provided employees the one thing they struggle with the most: time. This they have utilized to their fullest during this lockdown to strike a perfect work-life balance, to reflect on their mental and physical health, and to do things that inspire them.

The future of the post-pandemic office now depends a lot on how much the companies are willing to bring about a transformative change: one that would boost employee morale above all. Even the employee looking forward to returning to the desk desires to see innovative solutions now put in that place. 

Rethinking the workplace in such a scenario is at once challenging and creative. It is as much about safeguarding an employee’s privacy as it is about his safety. It is at once obligatory but also crucial to the well-being of employees. It is about creating a space that fosters not only productivity but also happiness. With this in mind, SOS proposes 3 ways an office after the pandemic could still be a desirable place:

1.    Enable flexibility: A little mindfulness goes a long way. Including your employee’s preferences when redoing the office furniture (or the office policies) gives him a sense of ownership. This openness creates many personal spaces within a larger space; each enabling the kind of environment that suits a certain work. Result? Happy employee. Improved productivity.

2.    Enable sensitivity: A workspace could be as sensitive as you are. From the work systems you put in place to the furniture you install, every considerate decision will dramatically improve employee attitude, and eventually, employee performance.

3.    Enable creativity: Creativity is so many things. Or options that you offer your employees so they continue to work without stress or demotivation. For example, an option to ‘work from home’ is a creative way of saying that we trust you could deliver from wherever you are. And then, of course, offering them various creative outlets to relax and do their best – be it in work or otherwise.

Imagination is a great thing. Reimagination is even more. For better or worse, this pandemic has given us a chance to undo and redo a lot many things. We say this is the best opportunity for offices worldwide to show that they care. Reforming the way you indulge your employees is certainly an approach to that end.


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