Executive Seating

Executive chairs not only provide comfort for the executive sitting in it but also reflect the office's professionalism. The work performed in an executive chair typically involves both, computer and professional meetings. SOS offers chairs that achieve a balance between ergonomics and beauty and also have a wide range of features to select from such as lumbar support, arm rests, adjustable height etc. are combined with professional materials, attractive design, and the appearance of luxury.

Task Seating

Task chairs are commonly used in conjunction with office desks. Though these chairs are less loaded by features than executive chairs, these are designed and created specifically to enable multitasking. SOS offers chairs with low maintenance, ergonomics and aesthetics making your office a visual treat.

Training / Visitor

These chairs are often used in training room, particularly in those with computer labs, public areas such as public library, or when several employees share a single workstation. These chairs are basically designed to be used by many different users. These are a flexible option for use in offices, because they are adjustable in many ways.


The style of a café chair is usually dictated by size, shape, material and colour. Cafe furniture is often fairly compact to allow for more sitting configurations. SOS range of chairs are durable and easy to maintain and clean. The aesthetics of café chairs can change overall decor of a particular cafe.

Public Seating

As a category, public seating plays a very important role in building the image of your organisation as these are placed in the office sections with highest footfalls. SOS offers cost effective, low maintenance, comfortable and innovative seating options specially designed to enhance utility.