Cabin Furniture

Cabin table of any Executive becomes his style statement. Selecting these tables as per the hierarchy and cabin / corporate themes enables build a strong brand. SOS offers tables that enable multitasking and are of varied shapes, sizes and designs. Material of table combined with a wisely selected upholstered chair makes definition for the cabin and the executive.

Conference Tables

SOS offers a huge range of conference tables, from the most basic and utilitarian ones to the most ornate and elegant ones. Shapes range from rectangle to oval and from the ones that encourage discussion and video conferencing and both. Different materials and colours are available to elaborate visual aesthetics.

Meeting Tables

Meeting or discussion areas are visited by the employees as well as the customers in many businesses. Unlike cabin tables these are used by different employees. SOS offers a range where seating capacity need of meeting area is taken care of with easy maintenance and multitasking.


Cafeterias are the spaces where one can play with more vibrant colours, but simultaneously, selection of material becomes more important. Stacking and moving of cafeteria furniture for increasing the space utility is another vital aspect. SOS takes care of all these needs and offers a wide range of cafeteria tables.

Training Room

Training rooms usually have more condense seating capacity than the task bays. Our training tables offer you various shapes and designs for enabling varied configurations for suiting the need of the training modules and seating capacities.


Most utilised furniture of any office is the storages. May it be support pedestals, pedestals, credenzas or any other storage. Material and joineries become a decision point for storage sections. SOS offers storages of both metal and wood with robust joineries.