The wavy 2021–22 calls for the dissection of new trends to ensure that the real utility of the design is not missed out on by the end consumers. This study also gives us insights into the evolution of the products that are designed to meet the ever-changing requirements. The true winner is the one who creates or rides the wave early enough, while opting for the right fit for your project.

The year 2021 has literally revolutionized offices and compelled the designers to rethink and re-evaluate the basics of human necessities in an office space. Their effort has been to bring back the human element and emotional warmth in the steel, concrete and wooden structures.

Let’s take a look at the trends that have made headway as a result of the accumulation of numerous factors which were considered intangible prior to 2019

The Hybrid Due to the pandemic, the corporates have concluded that the WFH is not as an unstable option as considered earlier. In fact, many have revisited their opinions about the same. The designers are meticulously working on bringing the right mix into the game. Due to the adoption of the hybrid model, the total number of employees remaining in one space at a time is going to reduce drastically. Hence, multi-utility and multifunctional designs are going to be highly integrated with the hybrid design aspect.

Biophilic Upgrade

After years of technologically advanced ultra-modern space designs that were distant from nature, it is time to breathe life into office spaces. The inculcation of natural elements like natural light, natural textures in the interiors has become a necessity. Emma Mills, a consultant on the connection between meditation and wellness, UK, in an interview with the news magazine Marie Claire confirmed that the merger of the plants in the space design is known to reduce the stress and anxiety levels by 38% and 37% respectively. Modernized-urban-stone-age are the keywords that will come to mind while the biophilic designs will be absorbed seamlessly by this latest fashion. With the inclusion of a more biophilic design, the wider benefits will be reflected soon.

The Great merger The offices will have to come up with an ingenious idea to ensure the merger of the office and home culture. Many have already started treading the path carefully. Comfort and coziness being the keys, they will be utilized at the optimum level in this strategy. The goal is to imbibe the homely feel in the corporate layout. The dull carpets will get a full revamp, the chair will have aesthetic plus comfort value and the lighting may become soothing too. The merger is going to be a trend, that would be cherished by generations to come.

The Neutrals The strength of trends like the merger and biophilic gives a robust indication that the neutrals are here to stay. Their effect on the office environment has proven to be optimistic, and it is in sync with other runner-ups. Beyond the lure of trend, neutrals have an ease about them which ensures a welcoming vibe. The serenity brought in by the neutrals is the need of the hour and hence, the trend isn’t going to witness a short-lived hype.